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Ginose's (And some others) Ed'Z world!
Ginose (My Bio)

The master of this site...


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Incase you haven't guessed....don't fuck with me....

I am Ginose a great figure of power in most zones.
As you can see I am one bad-ass mother. My partners:Ed and Artist and my brother Bow-Wow
have formed this zone to: 1st get Ed some respect. (Ed:And I deserve it! Eddy thinks he knows everything but he don't!!! Ginose:Ed what the fuck are you doing  here? Ed:Agreeing with what you said. Ginose:Ed get the hell out and put your coments on your bio k? Ed:Whats a bio? Ginose:Get the hell out or I'll get your sister Kimmie to kick your ass. Ed:Okay.....) 2nd:To honor 2 things that deserve some respect:Ed,Edd n Eddy and DragonballZ 3rd:To get Bow-Wow an A+ in computer class. My origins are none of your damn buissness and my bro was a gene-fusion bio-experement with a dog (he's also a dumb-ass but we all know that). I guess I can say nomore......Goodbye.