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Ginose's (And some others) Ed'Z world!
Ultamite Toonami Survivor


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Ultamite Toonami Survivor

We've all herd of "Survivor" that lame-ass T.V. show that has manged to make 6 damn seasons! But sense I'm to dumb to use all the animes you can think of I'm going to use a few Toonami and Adult Swim charecters, in the freakiest Survivor rip-off you'll ever see!

Day 1:
Bow-Wow: Hey there welcome to TOONAMI SURVIVOR. In this show a bunch of cartoon charecters get together for a claud slaughter of other anime charecters, as you know I'm Bow-Wow and don't mistake me for that wannabe rapper Little Bow-Wow. Joining me will be Edd (Ed,Edd n' Eddy) , Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat), Kuwabara (Yu-Yu Hakusho), Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Gene (Outlaw Star),Vageta (Dragonball Z) ,Majin Buu (DBZ) and Ein(Cowboy Bebop also).
We were all aloud to bring one item me I brought a double barelled sawed-off shotgun. Time to meet the rest of the cast and see what one item they brought.
Bow-Wow: First up is Edd, So Edd how does this contest grab you?
Edd: Well personally I think it's stupid and unarthidox and further more-
*Bow-Wow cuts him off*Bow-Wow: Great, what 1 item didga bring?
Edd: Well yes, I brought my blue prints for-
Bow-Wow: Yeah yeah very nice hope yah win blah-blah-blah-blah......Let's move on.
*Liu Kang is medataing*
*Bow-Wow slaps Liu on the back*
Bow-Wow: So Liu think you'll win?
Liu: Fuck off...
Bow-Wow: Okay......So what item did you bring?
Liu: I brought myself is that not enough?
Bow-Wow: Wahtever... Lets move on.
*Kuwabara has his spirit sword out and slices trees around*
Bow-Wow: Hey Kuwabara!
Kuwabara: Yo Bow-Wow wazzup!
Bow-Wow:Liu was being a dick-head so we went on to see you. What one item dija bring?
Kuwabara: I brought a faggot.
*Bow-Wow gets a disgusted and confused look on his face*
Bow-Wow: Okay.......Thats fucked-up.
*Just then Kuwabara slices a tree in-half and it smashes him*
Bow-Wow: O_o()  Okay.......Next up is Spike Spigel.
*Spike apperantly brought Faye and was uhh...... how should I put it... was having a pre-show break so I let them be*
*We move on to see Gene and his one item..... his caster-gun, duh. when Bow-Wow suprises him his caster goes off and shoots Ein but it was an 8 caster and it drained all the life out of Gene*
Bow-Wow: God-fucking-damnit 3 down now. This shit will never make it to CBS. Or even fucking WB or MTV!
*Bow-Wow comes up to Vageta who is smoking a cigar*
Bow-Wow: Hey Vageta..... What item did you bring?
Vageta: A carton of cigars.
Bow-Wow: Okay seeya......
Majin Buu: Buu bored....... Buu wanna play.
Bow-Wow: Hey Buu what one item did you bring?
Majin Buu: Buu bring candy!
Bow-Wow: Why? You can just turn the islanders into candy.
*Majin Buu Rubs the back of his head in embaressment*
M. Buu: Oh yeah......Buu forgot......
Bow-Wow: That's all the time we how for now seeya next time, you bunch of rectoly-disorderd cock-suckers!